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Enterprise mission: to serve the enforcement of the law
  Through the equipment and services we provide, to assist law enforcement to better perform law enforcement responsibility.

The enterprise values
Integrity, achievement customer justice
  Honesty is the basis for the enterprise, is the source in the industry to win the market with identity, the cornerstone of a we uphold the integrity and friendship, to assist law enforcement.

Endeavoring precise realistic, innovation
  Truly, truly, high standard, fine focus on product technology level, our products are in either management or innovation thinking, beyond the self, hard work in the same industry to achieve the highest. Equipment.the company is the enterprise face the competition environment of working attitude, is the essential spirit towards a higher goal.

Liability management, true dedication
  We are all for customers, employees with mission and responsibility, the improvement of the serious and responsible, good management of each link.
  Willing to do a model of corporate citizenship, and actively to perform its obligations, responsibility, promote and promote the harmonious development of society, everyone love dedication, enterprise to create value, return true society.

Develop solidarity, copolymerization
  All colleagues of the company with one, together to create value for customers, and constantly improve the customer satisfaction and loyalty, create value for the company, everybody hand in hand to build development platform.

Corporate quality policy
To strengthen the process management, governance, continuous improvement
  Using system of process management method, based on the actual, scientific decision-making, optimize the allocation of resources, each work, improve work efficiency, strictly control the daily work of every program, every aspect strives for perfection, to build high quality performance and foreign cooperation projects, to oneself, to the customer is responsible for, socially responsible, sets up the good enterprise image. Continuous improvement is the eternal pursuit of the goal of company, through the efforts to create an environment for all employees to participate improvement and innovation environment to fully arouse the enthusiasm of each employee and sense of responsibility, the work of the company, foreign products constantly and process technology, and improve the overall quality management system.

Enhance customer satisfaction, improve customer loyalty
  To customers as the focus, the idea of service market, service users, identify customers current and future needs, providing products and services to meet customer requirements, create value for users, with the user common development, continuously improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The pursuit of high quality, the pursuit of excellence performance
  Economic and technical indexes meet the needs of users of products, meet the promise of the contract, and strive to go beyond, and do our utmost to provide customers with satisfactory products. Product quality reached the domestic leading level. Company will provide customer satisfaction of products as the cornerstone of quality strategy, establish the pursuit of excellence management pattern, continue to promote the improvement of enterprise management quality.


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